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Plant Fertilizer

There are, up to now, 16 elements identified that are of crucial importance for the growth of plants. These elements are so specific that no other element can take the place of the relevant element in question. This also means that plants can’t complete their life cycle without these specific elements. It is therefore essential that proper plant fertilizer contain these elements in the correct concentrations. The 3 main elements that are absorbed by the plant in large quantities from the soil, air and water are namely: Carbon (C), Oxygen (O) and Hydrogen (H).

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The purpose of cultivating / growing is always to achieve the highest possible quality with maximum yield. Plant fertilizer plays a huge role here, as the highest yields only  be achieved with a perfect climate and a most natural approach. Optimal plant growth is determined by the correct concentration of the nutrient elements in the plant. Before choosing a particular plant fertilizer, it is important to measure the pH-value of the medium and at the same time to analyze which nutrients the plant itself already absorbs from its natural environment. The optimal plant fertilizer then consists of the addition of the specific elements that are lacking in the natural environment.

So there is no fixed recipe for optimal plant fertilizer since the natural environment and conditions during the cultivation / growing are always subject to change. Also the optimal plant fertilizer varies by crop, stage of life, and the time of year.

Determining the optimal plant fertilizer that results in the highest quality possible with a maximum yield is therefore a continuous process. Our ‘knowledge’ partner Metrop can and will be happy to assist you in determining the optimal plant fertilizer. Please contact these plant fertilizer specialists via the Metrop website.